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Katherine Taylor

"Dr. Lum has been an absolute blessing in our lives. We first started seeing him after our 2 year old was really struggling with chronic constipation, reflux, allergies, slow weight gain, and feeding difficulties. Before seeing Dr. Lum, we saw multiple specialists at the hospital and had numerous visits with his pediatrician. Because our son was still struggling despite being on Pepcid, miralax, periactin... my husband and I were desperate to try to find a doctor that could actually help. We made an appt with Dr. Lum and after just the first visit felt so much relief. After running a few tests and starting several different supplements and dietary changes.. we saw a huge improvement.


Since seeing Dr. Lum, our son no longer has to take any medications (occasionally milk of magnesia now but this is so much better than the miralax) and he has been eating much better and gaining weight. Most importantly, he never wakes up overnight complaining of belly pain (before he use to wake up multiple times overnight saying his belly hurt).


We are very grateful for all of Dr. Lum’s help and wish we started seeing him sooner! I recently started seeing Dr. Lum as well after having a horrible flare up of my post viral syndrome during pregnancy. Dr. Lum has been wonderful in helping me navigate which supplements are safe during pregnancy and how to best support my immune system to help alleviate some of my symptoms.


I’ve recommended Dr. Lum to so many of my friends and family members! As a pediatric nurse myself, I think we need a lot more doctors like Dr. Lum to help better support those struggling with chronic illnesses. I wish more primary care providers would recommend or refer to functional medicine specialists when their patients are still struggling and need more support under their care. I am very grateful we found Dr. Lum and sincerely hope all patients can find a doctor as wonderful as him!"

Rhiannon Customer Review

Rhiannon Birdsall

"Dr. Lum is by far the most honest, genuine, and compassionate Functional Med doctor I've worked with over the years. With tears - I have shared much gratitude for his non-judgmental approach. When you've spent over a decade visiting doctors on the western and holistic spectrum like I have in the midwest(KC) and west coast market (LA) - he has continued to stand out in my journey towards full-body healing.


He is truly a person and doctor who wants to help you heal, and does not "phone it in" one bit. He customizes his treatments and is very specific. I have always felt heard and seen in my appts. He's helped me manage my chronic autoimmune issues, rosacea, and chronic nerve pain.


At one point, I battled a MRSA infection in my throat (twice) and the aggressive antibiotic treatments left me later with the also life-threatening infection called C-Diff, seriously affecting my stomach, gut, and colon. Working with Dr. Lum in tandem with my western GI specialist during this period was literally paramount to my recovery! Because honestly, the GI specialist was only suggesting surgeries and more antibiotic-based treatments depleting my system even more, while also creating more chronic symptoms.


Working with him long distance, he's helped introduce herbal and mineral treatments that have been gentle enough to work with my already highly sensitive auto-immune system. I owe much to Dr. Lum and am honestly not sure if I would have survived had I not had his help during my particular health crisis. If you've been exhausting yourself visiting specialist after specialist, Dr. Lum may very well be the doctor with the knowledge and sensitivity you have been looking for all this time."


ann customer review

Ann Carroll 

"Absolutely one of the best in KC. Hands down. We have had concerns with health issues in a family member that we couldn't quite get to the bottom of it and after speaking with Dr. Lum over the phone(free consult!) he was able to give us some insight into things we weren't aware of until him.


So months later we started seeing him - using easy genetics testing which showed us some pinpointed issues, a few months of being on his protocol, juicing and great insight into food specific to his body, he has started to make huge strides forward in healing.


We are so happy and excited for the continued gains! We will be having Dr. Lum as a practitioner for our family for as long as he practices! Thanks doesn't even begin to shed light on our gratitude. True healthcare."

kate patient review.png

Dr. Kate LaVigne

"Dr. Lum is awesome! I am a boxer and he has helped me with a number of physical injuries and systemic issues the past 2 years. Recently I've been receiving treatment from him remotely and it has been a game-changer.


First, we discuss what type of symptoms I'm experiencing, and then Dr. Lum does an assessment to see what's going on and he does the treatment. It's really simple and relaxing and I can usually just go about my normal business while he works.


Often the effects of the treatment are immediate and I'll notice less pain or swelling and a better range of motion right away. My performance during training has really improved since I've been working with him and I'm excited to see how it helps me as I prepare for my next fight. I would really recommend you set up a consultation with Dr. Lum to see how he can help you feel and function to your maximum potential."

Deborah Greene patient testimonial.JPG

Deborah Greene


"Over 2 years ago I was put on 80mg of Lisinopril, double the 40 mg which was not working, and after trying other high blood pressure medications. I was watching my diet and exercising and was yet again told (by another doctor) exercise more, you will just be on this the rest of your life.

I refused to increase it again, and contacted Dr. Lum. He found out how and why I had high blood pressure using genetics, nutrition and testing. My blood pressure returned to normal range and has remained there for over two years! I continue to consult with Dr. Lum from six states away. I take no blood pressure medication, or any other, nor have had the need to since becoming his patient.

How much is it worth to have a Doctor BELIEVE you and believe you CAN be better? Best health decision I have ever made!"


Kristina Banister

"Dr. Lum is fantastic. He is very thorough and intuitive. He uncovers layers of illness that have been masked for years and helps you work through them.


There are times during our appointment when I will say nothing about something hurting or working improperly and HE will bring it up. He is truly magical! :) Everything in the body is so interconnected and he will explain it to you in a way you can understand how it works.


He will ask lots of questions and truly cares about getting you well. He never rushes through the appointments. Dr. Lum also isn’t a supplement overload pusher. He tells you exactly what your body needs in order to heal and perform optimally. He really wants you to leave better than when you came in...and you do. Everyone needs a Dr. Lum appointment in their life. So go book yours today!"

Kandi Patient Review

Kandi Steinle

I can not recommend Dr. Lum enough. He has helped me so much in so many ways. He uses natural treatments to help your body in both healing itself and realignment. He is the most important part of keeping my body and soul together. He is my go-to person when I start feeling bad.

patrick whalen

Patrick Whalen

"Dr. Lum is great! His approach is attentive and thorough and has yielded great results for me. I highly recommend him."

Sarti 2022.jpg

Sandra Moore ​

"When I approached Dr. Lum I was sick, scared, confused and frustrated. After years of eating well, exercising and doing my best to take good care, my health had started seemingly suddenly declining and I needed help, fast.


It didn't take long to realize that I am in good hands. Dr. Lum is highly intelligent, talented, intuitive and genuinely caring about his patients.


Whether you are his first or last client of the day, he is always there with unwavering empathy. Dr. Lum's suggestions on any supplements and steps to take are carefully dosed and precise; his plan is specific to your needs and his treatments - highly effective. To say that he goes above and beyond is an understatement.

Healing is a process of learning, adjusting and growing, and having the right person to guide you through it, is everything.


To anyone starting their healing with Dr. Lum, I would say: be open, be patient and trust the process. You will be amazed with the results. I am forever grateful, and consider myself fortunate, to be under Dr. Lum's care."

meghan boston profile picture

Meghan Boston

"Dr. Lum has been very helpful in bringing me back to good health and addressing root cause issues. My energy and cognitive capabilities have improved, I’m excited for my new life in good health."

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 9.33.51 AM.png

Christina Petrella​

"Dr. Lum is incredibly compassionate, knowledgeable, and intuitive. He has a deep understanding of all of the necessary layers of healing that other providers often miss.


Dr. Lum was able to gently and efficiently help me manage and resolve a number of chronic conditions that many doctors told me I would be stuck with for life. I'm so grateful to be one of Dr. Lum's patients and for all of the guidance he has offered me in our time together."

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