Online Consultation 

My practice has many patients from all over the world with many different objectives.


Most recently, I have new patients who are concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and wish to know what they can do to reduce the risk of their family becoming ill - and if they do get ill, what to take and what to avoid. 

Some wish to improve their longevity and prevent diseases that run in their family. 


Other patients have got their genetics tested and are looking for help interpreting the data and coming up with a treatment plan.   

Frequently, patients have a collection of symptoms that do not fit into a diagnosis


We use the latest testing to pinpoint the problem and use soft tissue treatments as well as high-grade supplementation to get you symptom-free and in optimal health 

The foundation of my practice has been helping those with chronic conditions by using natural treatment modalities to get lasting results. 

Whatever your health goals are, I am here to help. 

What's Included?

1 hr New Patient Appointment

Personalized Treatment Plan

Email Access To

Dr. Lum 

No Contracts, No Minimum Appointments

Specialized Testing Available

Nutritional Medicines Delivered

How It Works

Your appointment can be over the phone or through video conferencing on your computer. 


Your first consultation will be an hour-long, follow-up consultations are thirty minutes.  

Being sick is stressful enough without waiting to hear back from a doctor's office. 

There is no 'initial' fee, no minimum number of appointments and no subscription fees. 

Between appointments, you can email Dr. Lum with any questions you have.

Online consultation fees are the same as in-person appointment fees. You can switch between the two with ease. 

If your case requires testing to be ordered he can usually arrange testing at a clinic, hospital or blood-draw location conveniently near you.  

Nutritional supplementation can be sent directly to your home. 

Dr. Lum can also work with your specialist or primary care physician to coordinate care.  

Where To Start


Schedule A

Free 15 Minute Consultation


Your New Patient Appointment


Your  Treatment Plan

Click the blue 'Book Now' button at the top right of the page.


Click on 'Free 15 Minute Consultation' and follow the prompts.

Ask Dr. Lum any questions you have during your phone call. 

Click the blue 'Book Now' button at the top right of the page. 

Click on 'New Patient Consultation' and follow the prompts. 

You will be sent paperwork to fill out before your consultation.

You will be emailed your treatment plan along with other care instructions.


Email Dr. Lum with any questions you have before your next consultation.  

Have A Question?

Schedule A Free Consultation Or Book An Appointment 

Call or Text 913-728-5291

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