Education & Training

Dr. Brian Lum is an integrative and functional medicine specialist.  He is licensed and board-certified as a Doctor of Chiropractic. 


His post-graduate training includes diagnosis, preventative medicine, and nutritional medicine as part of the Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internist program (DABCI).


He has completed training in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and will receive full certification in early 2021, becoming an IFMCP practitioner. 

Recent (2020) Postdoctoral Education And Certifications


Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Module - Cardiometabolic

The Institute For Functional Medicine - January 2020

Transforming the Assessment, Prevention, and Management of Chronic Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disorders


Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Module - Immune

The Institute For Functional Medicine - February 2020

The Many Faces of Immune Dysregulation and Chronic Inflammation: Chronic Infections, Atopy, and Autoimmune Disorders


Coronavirus: Modern Research from Traditional Chinese Medicine - Michael McCulloch L.Ac MPH PhD - March 2020


Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Modules - Hormone 

The Institute For Functional Medicine - July 2020

Re-establishing Hormonal Balance in the Hypothalamic, Pituitary, Adrenal, Thyroid, and Gonadal Axis

Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Modules - Bioenergetics 

The Institute For Functional Medicine - July 2020

Clinical Solutions for Mitochondrial and Metabolic Dysfunction


Demystifying the Small Universe

Master Chunyi Lin - Spring Forest Qigong - August 2020

The Small Universe Qigong Meditation from the Inside Out

Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Module - Gastrointestinal 

The Institute For Functional Medicine - October 2020

Restoring Gastrointestinal Equilibrium: Practical Applications for Understanding, Assessing and Treating Gut Dysfunction

Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Module - Environmental Health 

The Institute For Functional Medicine - October 2020

Addressing the Toxic Effects of the Exposome by Enhancing Biotransformation and Elimination

Intensive Healing Qigong Retreat with Master Chunyi Lin

Spring Forest Qigong - November 2020



From a young age, I was aware of how people with chronic illness can suffer. My mother was diagnosed with Crohn's disease before I was born and endured excruciating symptoms for 15 years. 

The standard conventional medicine approach to Crohn's then was much the same as it is now - prescribe steroids to lessen symptoms and wait until the colon needs to be removed surgically.  

Scientifically valid, effective supplemental and nutritional therapies were scoffed at by her doctors as not worth pursuing. 

The number of patients with chronic illness under my care who have successfully gone into symptom-free remission is a constant reminder of how inadequate a one-dimensional approach to patient care can be.  

I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College at the age of 23 and have been active in continuing education to ensure that I have the latest tools and resources available. 

I specialize in treating those who are told by other doctors that there is no treatment, who are told that they will helplessly watch their chronic condition progress and there is nothing they can do.  

There is always something that can be done. 


Headlines abound that promise 'Gut-health,' 'The One Supplement To Heal Your Joint Pain' and 'The Diet To Heal Your Autoimmune Disease' - giving the impression that you just have to do or buy one thing to heal.  

My new patient appointments are an hour-long because it's all important.


Your diet, environment, emotional health, supplements, family history, and patient history since birth - it's all relevant when we are unraveling an illness that, most likely, took decades to create. 

My unique soft tissue treatment is included in every functional medicine appointment.


In this way, I can begin to enact immediate changes that can reduce pain and inflammation from the first time we meet. 

The testing and nutritional medicines you receive will be completely unique to you as a patient.


I do not have a 'one size fits all' treatment plan because you are unique, and as you heal we will adjust your treatment based on your renewed health goals.

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