Hope for Chronic Illness


If you are suffering from debilitating pain, a chronic condition or 'mystery' symptoms, you have likely been told that there is 'nothing you can do' and you will be able to manage symptoms through medication - but never get rid of them.  


For the vast majority of my patients - a full resolution of symptoms is not only possible but is a common occurrence. 


Once underlying factors of your illness are identified and properly treated, health can restore itself in your body. 


A diagnosis signals the beginning - not the end - of clinical inquiry in my practice. 

A Diagnosis as a Starting Point


The current healthcare treatment model for complex chronic conditions is designed to manage your symptoms at best, and at worst, keep you dependent on the healthcare system for life. 


A symptom-masking pill is not an adequate response to severe symptoms or chronic conditions - a full investigation into the progression of symptoms must be undergone to find the trigger that contributed to these symptoms in the first place.  


Symptoms that are labeled as chronic - like migraines, digestive problems, autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain - frequently have a factor that contributed to their development.


These factors can range from an underlying viral infection to bacterial overgrowth, an allergy, an environmental toxin or another condition entirely.


Once treated and removed, symptoms disappear and conditions go into remission.

Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?


Functional medicine identifies the underlying causes of your illness or symptoms and uses effective, scientifically-supported natural treatments to restore you to health.


Dr. Lum has developed a unique system of functional medicine which utilizes your health history, symptoms, conditions, any previous testing you already have, genetic testing, the latest diagnostics, medical history, and family history to form an accurate picture of your current health status.   

He employs a soft tissue treatment techniques which can, in real-time, assess organ function, improve neurological communication, reduce pain and speed up healing.


A soft tissue treatment is included in your first patient appointment. 


From there, he narrows down your primary health impediments and constructs a personalized plan of treatment. 


Step by step, he restores any impaired systems within your body. With each appointment, your treatment will be reassessed to make sure you are on track.  

What Conditions Can

Functional Medicine Help?

'Mystery' Illnesses & Unexplained Symptoms

Autoimmune Disease & Autoimmune Symptoms

Chronic Conditions

Metabolic & Weight Loss Problems

Fatigue & Sleep Problems

Neurological Symptoms &

Chronic Pain 

Your 'New Patient'

Functional Medicine Appointment

During your hour-long Functional Medicine consultation, Dr. Lum will go into detail about your symptoms, medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle, and any other factors that may have led up to your condition. 

A soft tissue treatment is included in your new patient appointment, this treatment is designed to reduce pain, increase neurological communication, assess organ function and speed up healing. 


Dr. Lum will also review any recent blood testing, questions you may have, current medications, supplements, food journals or anything else you would like to bring or talk about.  


This analysis will determine which potential factors are impaired and what steps need to be taken.   


At the end of your appointment, a personalized treatment plan will be given to you which will be updated at each appointment.  Dr. Lum may then order additional tests to further identify imbalances and dig deeper into your health condition.  


Read more about the Specialized Testing we offer.


During your treatment, Dr. Lum will be available if you need to email him additional questions you may have. 


Unlike many clinics, you do not have to sign a contract for a certain amount of appointments per month nor do you have to sign up for a 'plan.' You pay for each appointment as you have them.  Testing can be run through your insurance. 


If you live outside of the United States, are not near our Kansas City clinic, or would prefer to have a consultation over the phone or through video conferencing - you can have an Online Consultation with Dr. Lum. 


Factors Evaluated At Your

Functional Medicine Appointment 


  • Intestinal Lining Function

  • Hormone Imbalances

  • Neurotransmitter Health and Function

  • Toxin Accumulation

  • Infections - Fungal, Viral, Bacterial

  • Inflammation Assessment

  • Immune System Assessment 

  • Nutrient Requirements

  • Musculoskeletal Assessment - Joint and Muscle

How To Schedule


I offer functional medicine consultations over the phone (or through the computer) and in-person appointments at my office.


I can even work with your primary care physician to coordinate testing and treatment plans.


You can talk to me directly by scheduling a Free 15 Minute Consultation or you can call or text my office at 913-728-5291.

Frequently Asked Questions


"How do I know if a functional medicine appointment

with Dr. Lum will help me?"


Functional medicine fills the gap that is left between conventional medicine and the patient.  


Brief appointments and a standard pharmaceutical approach leave little opportunity to discuss symptoms, prevention, and other modalities of healing.  


A patient can spend years searching for a diagnosis while suffering confusing and debilitating symptoms. Even after getting a diagnosis, patients are often given no information on how to lessen their symptoms or improve their health.


This can leave many patients at a loss as to how to move forward. 


Our functional medicine appointment is designed to give you enough time to go into detail about your symptoms or condition.


Most importantly, you will get explanations as to why you are experiencing symptoms and why specific interventions will be beneficial for you.  


You get to set the parameters on how fast you want to go and what treatments you are comfortable with.  You will receive guidance on diet and lifestyle changes that can facilitate the healing process. 


Treatment will be personalized depending on the individual, their health status, their personal and family history, symptoms, and underlying clinical imbalances.


With all the advances in medicine, a one on one relationship with a doctor is still the most efficient approach to determine exactly what is going on.  


Genetic information and complex test results are not something to take to the internet as there is a dangerous amount of inaccurate and misleading information.


Your appointments will empower you with knowledge about your health and give you the resources you need to thrive. 

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"Is all functional, natural, alternative, and integrative medicine the same?"


Just like you can find a spectrum of conventional medicine practitioners - functional and integrative medicine has a large variety of practitioners, each focusing on what they feel is the most effective approach to patient care.  


Dr. Lum does not advocate for a single diet or method of healing; he employs what modality is optimal for the patient using the latest research, most effective diagnostic tools, and proven nutritional interventions.


Using this information he systematically addresses imbalances and restores optimal function.  


"Is functional medicine just using supplements

instead of pharmaceuticals to treat my condition?"


Functional medicine, when done properly, is not a band-aid solution.   Simple supplementation on its own is very rarely an adequate approach to complex conditions.


Just like getting a pill for a condition does not fix the underlying cause of the symptoms - replacing that pharmaceutical pill with a supplement is still inadequate.  


For example, if your symptom is joint pain, rather than reaching for a steroid first - we may see if your body is fighting off a bacterial infection, having an allergic reaction, launching an immune response or feeling the effects of a parasite.


Whatever the cause, we tailor the approach to you and as you improve, we adjust treatment accordingly. 

"Why doesn’t my family practice/primary care doctor

practice functional medicine?"



The role of your primary doctor is to be the first line of defense, with a skill-set aimed at suppressing symptoms, diagnosing conditions, administering pharmaceuticals, and recommending and performing minor surgery. 


In general, primary care doctors do not specialize in identifying the causes of chronic conditions. They have a limited time to see a lot of patients.

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Our 'new patient' functional medicine appointment is 60 minutes, which includes a comprehensive patient and family history, advanced testing recommendations, a review of previous testing and a treatment plan just for you.  


Dr. Lum regularly works with family practice doctors and specialists to coordinate patient treatment.


Schedule A Free Consultation Or Book An Appointment 

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