Frequently asked questions

Do you offer remote appointments?

Yes! We have clients throughout the United States and around the world. We can arrange video conferencing or a phone call for any of your appointments. We can also set up appointments outside of our normal hours to accomodate different time zones and busy schedules. We can usually arrange blood/stool/urine tests at a clinic or a hospital near you. Other test kits will be sent directly to you. Call our office today 913-728-5291 or book a Free 15 Minute Consultation to speak directly with Dr. Lum to ask questions or to set up an appointment.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance at this time. However, we can give you the necessary information so that you can submit an insurance claim to your health insurance. The majority of the tests we run on patients are covered by insurance and will be filed with your insurance company at the time of collection. Testing options and cost will be discussed with you prior to these services.

How much do your services cost?

You can view the current cost of our services here Testing can be run through your insurance and is often covered. Unlike most clinics we do NOT require you to sign up for a plan, buy a minimum amount of appointments or become a 'member'. If you have questions prior to scheduling a new patient appointment, or are wondering if we are a good fit for you - book a free 15 minute consultation here.

What conditions do you work with?

Click here for a list of conditions and symptoms we see often. If you are still uncertain if we can help you, schedule a 15 minute consultation to speak to Dr. Lum

Can you help me lose weight?

Many of our patients have had sucess in losing wieght. By addressing underlying biochemical imbalances we can find the reasons why the body may be resistant to wieght loss. Some of these contributing factors may be things like like latent infections, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), food sensitivities, underlying conditions and poor digestion. Click on our Weight Loss page to find out more. Have specific questions about your weight loss goals? Book a Free 15 Minute Consultation and speak directly with Dr. Lum

I have been told all my tests are ‘normal', how are your tests different?

Usually, tests ordered at a hospital (like a CBC or complete blood count) are aimed at identifying your set of symptoms as a medical diagnosis or assessing the basic function your internal organs. These common medical tests, while important, often miss chronic infections, chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, tissue inflammation, hormonal imbalances, immune disturbances, and other vitally important imbalances. We use your hour-long new patient evaluation as a starting point. We then order specific testing to investigate how your body is functioning and what impedements there may be to healing. Read more about the Advanced Diagnostic Testing we offer at our clinic. If you have questions regarding specific testing or are wondering if I can help you, please schedule a 'Free 15 Minute Consultation'.

Is it important to have a primary care physician while working with Dr. Lum?

Yes, we recommend that you have a primary care physician while working with Dr. Lum, as he does not handle medical or mental health emergencies. Dr. Lum is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in functional medicine. I received my doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic University. Therefore, I do not practice medicine and do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions. I focus my practice on promoting health and optimal function. My services are not meant to replace those of a medical doctor but to be used in conjunction with them. Speak with Dr. Lum directly through a Free 15 Minute Consultation

How do I know if a functional medicine appointment will help me?

Functional medicine fills the gap that is sometimes left between conventional medicine and the patient. Brief appointments and a standard pharmaceutical approach leave little opportunity to discuss fears, symptoms, prevention and other ways to support healing. Our functional medicine appointment is an hour long so we have time to discuss your health situation. During this first appointment you can bring in your previous blood testing for review. You will also recieve a manual treatment if you are in any immediate pain. My goal is to quickly identify and remove contributing factors to your ill health. Each appointment I will assess your progress and adjust your treatment plan. In between appointments, I will be available to email if you have any questions. I use advanced diagnostic testing not available at many hospitals and clinics for patients with chronic illness and 'mystery' symptoms. I find that, many times, a condition 'without known cause' is just a condition that has not fully been investigated. I do not give up on my patients. I use every resource available to identify the biochemical imbalances within the body that are causing symptoms and conditions. Go to our Functional Medicine page for more information. Schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation to speak directly with Dr. Lum

Is all functional/natural/alternative/integrative medicine the same?

Just like you can find a huge spectrum of conventional medicine practitioners - functional and integrative medicine has a huge variety of practitioners each focusing on what they feel is the most effective approach to patient care. Dr. Lum does not subscribe to one particular diet or method of healing, he uses the most recent research, latest tools, and proven nutritional medicine interventions and personalizes them to the needs of the patient. He utilizes a comprehensive range of diagnostic tools so that he truly addresses the entire person. For more information on how Dr. Lum implements a functional medicine approach for his patients visit our Functional Medicine page and blog.

Is functional medicine just using supplements instead of pharmaceuticals to treat my condition?

Functional medicine, when done properly, is not just a band-aid solution. Simple supplementation on its own is very rarely an adequate approach to complex conditions. Just like getting a pill for a condition does not fix the underlying cause of the symptoms - replacing that pharmaceutical pill with a supplement is still inadequate. If your symptom is joint pain, rather than reaching for a steroid, we see if your body is fighting off a bacterial infection, having an allergic reaction, launching an immune response or feeling the effects of a parasite. Whatever the cause, we tailor the approach to you and as you improve, we adjust treatment accordingly. Read about Dr. Lum's Functional Medicine Approach or speak with him directly through a Free 15 Minute Consultation

Why doesn’t my family practice/primary care doctor practice functional medicine?

In general, primary care doctors do not specialize in identifying the causes of chronic conditions to employ a personalized lifestyle and nutritional medicine treatment plan. Our initial functional medicine appointment is 60 minutes including a comprehensive patient and family history, advanced testing recommendations, review of previous tests and the design of a treatment plan just for you. Dr. Lum regularly works with family practice doctors to coordinate and optimize the treatment of patients. Learn about Dr. Lum's application of functional medicine or Schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation to speak with him directly.

What information would I get with a Genetic Appointment with Dr. Lum?

An expert genetic analysis and interpretation provide vital information for your overall health. Using your genes we create a personalized health blueprint - mapping specific areas of focus for nutritional and lifestyle interventions. We combine your genetic interpretation with your health status and medical history to determine the steps forward. Using this information we determine your diet guidelines, your methylation status, and actionable knowledge concerning brain health, heart health, neurological health, immune system factors and much more. Visit our Genetics page for more information or book a 'Free 15 Minute Consultation' to speak with Dr. Lum directly

Is Genetic Consultation the answer to my chronic ill health?

It is very important that your genetics be used in conjunction with clinical diagnostics - medical history, family history, physical examination and targeted diagnostic testing are all necessary to build a treatment plan. Genetic data combined with functional medicine can provide answers for many patients who have been told that their symptoms are 'idiopathic' or unexplained. Patients come to me with chronic conditions or symptoms like stomach pain, bouts of dizziness, joint pain and chronic migraines. After testing, I often find the source of these symptoms to be conditions like chronic infection, SIBO, food sensitivities, or autoimmunity combined with a genetically reduced ability to methylate or an inability to efficiently break down fats. Once the source is discovered, symptoms can be mitigated or completely removed using nutritional medicines, dietary intervention and other therapies. Visit our Genetics page for more information or book a 'Free 15 Minute Consultation' to speak directly with Dr. Lum

I'm not sure where to start, what should I do?

The best thing to do is to schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation with Dr. Lum to discuss your health situation and ask any questions you have about our services. You can also call the office directly to schedule an appointment today 913-728-5291

Do I have to prepay or sign up for a treatment plan for chiropractic adjustments?

You do not need to prepay for appointments, sign a contract, or come for a minimum amount of treatments per month. If you need an appointment quickly, do not hesitate to call the office ( 913-728-5291) - we can usually fit people in when they need it. It is important to us that you get the care you need. To book an appointment go here

Is your online scheduling and payment service (PocketSuite) secure?

PocketSuite runs in a secure data center with all communication over an encrypted data connection similar to that used by banks. They are PCI compliant (certified by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), they do not store passwords and we do not store credit card information nor bank account information. PocketSuite is also HIPAA compliant

Is the information I send to you via text or message on the PocketSuite app secure?

Yes. Incoming and outgoing message data in PocketSuite is kept completely confidential and not exchanged, sold or viewed by any 3rd party. When you text Dr. Lum (913-728-5291) this communication is done via this secure app.