Functional Chiropractic &
TTAPS Technique

Dr Lum combines soft tissue manipulation with gentle chiropractic adjustment without the sudden movements associated with a typical chiropractic adjustment. 


He also employs a unique adaptation of the TTAPS technique that can be utilized for neurological disorders, musculoskeletal problems, autoimmune disease, and other forms of chronic illness to enhance neurotransmitter function and reduce pain. 


Most patients find Dr Lum's method of soft tissue treatment to be very gentle and long-lasting.

By incorporating both manual and natural medicine therapies, Dr Lum will work to improve the way your muscles and joints function so that you may enjoy a more active life.  

It is important to remember that not all pain is musculoskeletal in origin - there may be internal imbalances that can be corrected to give you additional relief.  


TTAPS Technique 


Dr. Lum employs a unique modification of the TTAPS technique to stimulate organ function, muscle function, lymphatic flow, neurotransmitter function, and reduce pain.


This technique can be very beneficial for autoimmune patients, sufferers of chronic disease, and those who have limited success with conventional treatments.


TTAPS stimulates nerve function and can reset the 'memory' of pain.  Pain becomes chronic when your neural networks repeatedly fire for pain.  Much like practicing an exercise routine will give you muscle memory, frequent pain will create a pain memory. TTAPS stimulation can stop this cycle. 

Read more about TTAPS 



Functional Chiropractic Services

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Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Lum offers a targeted, gentle approach to treating muscle and joint pain.  Soft tissue manipulation provides long-lasting pain relief and ensures optimal mobility. 

Specialized Functional Medicine Testing.

Underlying conditions can cause pain in joints, muscles, and tissues in the body.  These causes can be addressed using diagnostic bloodwork, lifestyle changes, and nutritional interventions.  

A Healthy Meal of Egg, Tomato, Kale, Zucchini and Avocado.
Nutritional Interventions

Diet, lifestyle and nutritional changes can be implemented even to patients that are not local.  These changes have a beneficial impact on pain as well as other musculoskeletal problems.

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TTAPS Technique 

Using a round tip tool, Dr. Lum activates the nervous system for pain reduction, organ function, lymphatic flow and muscle activation. 

Digital blue human anatomy with highlighted lung
Visceral Manipulation

Organ reflex therapy can reestablish proper communication between organ systems for better function. Increases nerve activity in those organs, restores lymphatic and blood flow. 

Targeting the Biochemical Causes of Pain


Many times, pain is not simply a matter of injury or structural impairment. 


Pain in our joints, muscles, and bones can be caused by inflammation from a chronic condition.  A poor diet can make a person feel sick, tired and have aches and pains all over the body. 


It is also very common to suffer from 'referred pain' - which is pain that is actually coming from an organ but is manifesting in another location in your body - like in your back. 


Food sensitivities can cause severe muscle and joint pain and even lead to patients being incorrectly diagnosed with arthritis.  If it is suspected that there is a biochemical source of your pain we can run diagnostic testing to determine the cause. 


My approach to functional chiropractic has its roots in physical treatment but often leads to biochemical assessments of patients through bloodwork and other testing.


To truly solve pain problems, it is essential to get to the root cause.

How To Schedule


I offer functional medicine consultations over the phone (or through the computer) and in-person appointments at my office.


I can even work with your primary care physician to coordinate testing and treatment plans.


You can talk to me directly by scheduling a Free 15 Minute Consultation or you can call or text my office at 913-728-5291.

What Can Functional Chiropractic Help?

A Man Getting Soft Tissue Treatment For Back Pain
Chronic Pain

Whether you have a long-term back pain issue or you suffer from complex pain symptoms resulting from a chronic illness - chiropractic can help you find relief.

X-ray of Arthritis in both hips
Joint Pain

Back, knee, hip and shoulder pain are some of the most common problems - chiropractic can provide pain relief and restore mobility.

An inflammed shoulder from an old injury
Sports Injuries

Chiropractic can ensure proper injury rehabilitation takes place. Optimal for sprains, strains, rotator cuff issues, shoulder pain, knee problems, ankle problems.

A Man's Back Getting Treated by a Chiropractor
Muscle Pain

Whether pain is due to an injury, overuse, or 'seems to come from nowhere' - chiropractic can address the cause and get you relief quickly

magnetic resonance image (MRI) of the brain
Migraines & Headaches

Soft tissue and chiropractic adjustment are especially helpful for headaches.  Treatment is gentle, long-lasting, and effective

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Optimal Wellness

As a person ages, it is more common to suffer from pain - chiropractic can address the root of your pain and get you feeling your best.

Questions About Functional Chiropractic
How is Dr. Lum’s treatment different than a typical chiropractic adjustment?

Dr. Lum’s treatment is more gentle when compared to a typical chiropractic adjustment. The focus is to correct muscle and connective tissue imbalances to restore proper joint function.


People with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome often respond better to a gentler approach.  While this treatment takes more time (about 30 minutes) its effects are particularly long-lasting. 

Do I have to prepay or sign up for a minimum amount of treatments?

Dr. Lum will make recommendations for your treatment - but you can come in when you feel like you need to. 


You do not need to prepay for appointments, sign a contract, or come for a minimum amount of treatments per month.  If you need an appointment quickly, do not hesitate to call the office - we can usually fit people in when they need it. It is important to us that you get the care you need.    



What conditions can chiropractic help? 

Most problems or pain of the spine, shoulders, knees, hands, feet. Sports injuries and muscle pain are also frequently helped through soft tissue adjustments.  It can also be beneficial for those who have pain as a result from a condition - like arthritis or fibromyalgia. 


Some conditions that are thought to be only biochemical in nature can also benefit from chiropractic care.  Many find an increase in mobility, an easier time breathing, fewer headaches and a resolution to many common aches and pains.

What does treatment consist of?

Treatment consists of the movement of muscles, joints, and the fascial tissue utilizing gentle pressure, stretching, and resistance to achieve results.  There will not be the sharp, quick movements of the neck associated with most chiropractic adjustments.


Treatment may also incorporate a rehabilitative exercise prescription. 

How will the doctor manage my care?

Treatment begins with a complete medical history and targeted neurological and orthopedic assessment that emphasizes the complete structure and functional evaluation of the musculoskeletal system. 


The doctor will reexamine and assess you during each visit to see if there is appropriate progress. He will also set realistic time-based goals for your treatment.