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Dr Brian Lum

My passion for healing those with chronic disease began as I witnessed my mother’s 15 year battle with Crohn’s disease.    


She was told that there was nothing she could do to heal - nothing could have been further from the truth.  


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COVID-19 UpdateMarch 30, 2020


For the health and safety of all of my patients, all of my appointments will be via secure video conferencing or phone calls, effective immediately.  


I am still offering online consultation for new patients, follow-ups for current patients as well as a 'Flu and Viral Prevention' 30 Minute Consultation. 


Read more about the new 'Flu and Viral Prevention Consultation' below or book online now for any service


Covid-19 Test - Updated May 31, 2020

Dr. Lum is able to order a coronavirus (COVID-19) antibody test for current and new patients.

Currently, this serum test will require you to have your blood drawn by a phlebotomist or for you to go to a testing location.

The serum test will determine if you still have an active infection (measured by IgM markers) AND if you have had the infection and are producing antibodies (measured by IgG and IgA markers).

This is not for those who have severe symptoms or who need immediate hospital treatment. 

An 'at home' collection serum test from Vibrant America is still pending FDA approval. I will post here as soon as I am able to order one for you. 

A COVID-19 Message From

Dr. Brian Lum 

Specialized Testing

Science moves quickly. We offer revolutionary testing, some of which were unavailable even last year. 

Personalized, correctly interpreted test results can make the difference between full recovery and years of symptoms. 

Testing can be ordered - even if you are out-of-state - at a hospital near you. 

Preventative Medicine

Lower your chances of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, and more.  If it runs in your family - we can help you reduce your risk!

Soft Tissue Treatment

Using a combination of chiropractic and a unique soft tissue neuro-modular technique I can help you heal faster and resolve long term pain issues for good. 

A soft tissue treatment is included with every new patient in-person appointment.

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