A New Technique For Chronic Illness, Pain & Injury: How TTAPS Can Speed Up Healing

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

A technique I now offer in my clinic is a modification of a technique devised by Dr. Bonebreak (not kidding - thats his name). It's called TTAPS, and it is a nerve function modulation manual treatment.

When combined with my visceral soft tissue treatment, it has been successful in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of many chronic conditions (like autoimmune disease).

It also facilitates healing and can permanently resolve injuries (old and new) as well as musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Some of the most dramatic improvements are on those patients with any kind of pain or restriction of movement. Many experience a full resolution of symptoms before they leave my office.

Modified TTAPS is now offered in combination with all of my soft tissue treatments.

an artists rendering of the human body. text overlay saying a new natural treatment for pain and chronic illness TTAPS technique

What Happens In Cases Of Chronic Illness?

When you get a flu or a cold, your body pillages nutrient stores to supply its increased need for fuel. After two weeks of being sick there are measurable deficiencies and imbalances.

These deficiencies make you feel tired and run down, its often why it takes you an additional week to fully recover.

In the case of chronic illness, your body has been raiding these stores for months, even years.

The inflammation caused by chronic conditions causes your body to be in a constant struggle to maintain normal function and repair ongoing damage.

I have yet to see a case of chronic illness in which the person is not significantly depleted of nutrients and has at least one organ system that is struggling to keep up.

This systemic depletion can take many forms.