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Online Consultation For Flu and Viral Infection Prevention

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I'm offering a new service for this flu season!

You can now book a 30 minute personalized consultation where you will be able to ask questions and get advice on how to protect you and your family best from the influenza and other viruses going around this season.

After listening to the fears of my patients and seeing all the misinformation online I wanted to offer something that can be of real benefit.

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How To Actually 'Boost Your Immune System'

One of the biggest phrases flying around are products, practices and hacks that promise to 'boost your immune system.'

Your immune system is a complex system of thousands of processes within the body that takes a long time to influence in a real way.

If you were to literally hijack your immune system and 'boost' it, making it over active - it would essentially cause an autoimmune disease, in which your body starts attacking healthy tissue in your body.

What you really want is to ensure that your immune system can work as well as possible by getting out of its way.

This means making healthy changes to your diet, lifestyle and environment to not impede your ability to fight the flu virus, or any infection for that matter.

It also means giving your body powerful tools to fight incoming viral invaders.

Powerful Natural Medicines

There are rigorously tested, high quality supplements that can be of real benefit to you if you want to avoid getting sick or while you are recovering from an illness.

Most of the over-the-counter products you buy when your sick, like anti-histamines or decongestants, do not actually help you get better - they just cover up your symptoms.

There are well researched supplements that can reduce the severity and duration of illness even if you do get sick. An example of a natural but powerful supplement is black elderberry which can substantially reduce upper respiratory symptoms BUT should probably not be used in cases of COVID-19.

During a consultation I can recommend high grade supplements that are personalized to your health conditions and needs.

These are powerful interventions to get your immune system back online and kick whatever viral infection your dealing with.

I can also recommend supplements and steps you can take to help you prevent a serious viral infection in the first place.

Due to the high level of contaminates in many over-the-counter supplements, this is one of the most valuable resources I can offer - trustworthy sources of high grade herbal and other natural medicines.

What Can We Talk About During A Consultation?

  • How can I prevent my family and I from getting the flu?

  • I usually get sick for weeks every year, how can I shorten the duration of my colds and flus?

  • I'm worried about the coronavirus. What can I do?

  • My child has recurrent sinus congestion that over the counter medicine does not seem to help. What can I do?

  • I have a fever. What can I do to help support my body?

  • What natural, high grade supplements do you recommend to clear up an ear infection?

  • What brand of disinfectant spray do you recommend that is strong enough to kill germs but not so toxic that it is dangerous to my family?

Do I Need To Be A Patient?

You do not need to be a patient to get a consultation and established patients of mine can get a consultation as well.

If you still have questions you can schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation to speak to me directly to see if a Flu Prevention Consultation would be a good fit for you!

Ready to schedule? Book an online consultation here and click 'Flu and Viral Prevention Consult'.

I also offer functional medicine consultations over the phone (or through the computer) and in-person appointments at my office.

I can work with your primary care physician to coordinate testing and treatment plans.


If you think that you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.  No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information. Nor should you ever delay seeking medical advice or treatment due to the information contained on this Website.

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