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Functional Medicine

We will investigate and address the underlying causes of your disease/illness (figuring out and treat what’s really going on).  Your treatment plan will incorporate the most recent advances in science…

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Autoimmune Program

Autoimmune diseases are some of the most difficult-to-treat conditions in medicine because there are many factors involved in the development of an autoimmune disease. Our Autoimmune Program is unique because…

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Weight Loss

Losing weight is tough and keeping it off is even more difficult and frustrating.  This is why our physician-guided program is specifically designed to eliminate frustration and confusion as well…

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Gut Health

Healthy Gut = Healthy Body The health of our gut determines your overall general wellbeing.  If you have poor gastrointestinal health, it is likely that you currently have or will…

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Muscle Bone Joint Health

Treatment is targeted to get you out of pain as quickly as possible while simultaneously restoring optimal function to your muscles, bones, and joints. What is manual medicine? Gentle, safe,…

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Nutritional Medicine

Dr. Lum will prescribe a treatment plan to help you to feel better, while simultaneously fixing the underlying causes of your medical problem and symptoms.  Both food and nutrients are…

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