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Autoimmune Program

Autoimmune diseases are some of the most difficult-to-treat conditions in medicine because there are many factors involved in the development of an autoimmune disease.

Our Autoimmune Program is unique because we identify how and why your immune system became dysfunctional and started to attack your own body.  Knowing what caused your condition will allow us to develop a plan to restore proper immune function to get you completely better.  There are 8 modifiable factors that we will investigate and treat to get you better.

  • FOOD: perfect diet for your healing, food sensitivities/allergies, supplements
  • INFECTION: find hidden infections, optimize gut health
  • NUTRITIONAL IMMUNOMODULATION: using specific nutrients to support immune system balance to decrease autoimmune inflammation
  • DYSFUNCTIONAL MITOCHONDRIA: improve the health of the “engines” of our cells
  • LIFESTYLE/STRESS: Health can only exist in any environment conducive for optimal wellbeing. Being able to adapt to life stressors is key for healing.
  • HORMONES: Balance hormones for total wellbeing and improvement in symptoms
  • TOXINS: Identify and treat toxicity caused by chronic chemical and heavy metal exposure. Many people are toxic but just have not yet been tested.
  • GENETICS: Looking at your specific genetics and how they impact your health condition we can bypass these defects to get you better.